One of the ways to achieve success in life is to acknowledge the ways God works. One of the ways God works is through other people. These people are your support team.

Here are some important qualities to look for as you select your team;

SUPPORT: failure in life can drain you of spiritual, physical and emotional strength. You need the kind of person who will understand and find ways to help you.

LOVE: You need the safety net of people who love you deeply just as you are, even when you don`t feel lovable.

COURAGE: In the process of achieving success, you will encounter risk and fear. Your support team will build your courage.

FEEDBACK: You can`t see yourself objectively. You need honest people who are not afraid to correct you when you are wrong.

WISDOM: No man is an island of wisdom. You do not have all the wisdom and knowledge you need to make it. Look for wise people through whom God will speak to you and lead you.

EXPERIENCE: Seek out the experience of others who have been through the problem and know what you are going through.

MODELLING: It is difficult to do what we have never seen done. Lean from those who have successfully conquered the problem you are facing.

VALUE: We learn values from others, and others support us by enforcing values. This value system will guide you as you work through the problem.                                                                                                                             Stay close to people who share your values, stay away from those who don`t.

ACCOUNTABILITY: You need people who will monitor your progress and keep you on track. Look for people who will ask you sincere questions about your journey so far and be sincere.                                                             If you run short of supportive friends, consider joining a bible study group. Above all be sincere with your creator and follow His leadings as He leads you in the right path.

NOTE: Being a Christian or Believer does not mean you will not face any challenges or trials. Remember Jesus was in the boat when that storm arose, but when the disciples called on Him, He arose for their help and there was safety all through the journey. Jesus is your Sailor, invite Him to that Challenges and see how His loving arms will guide you through the way…SHALOM

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